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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I apply the CHARLS data?

    A : You can log on our website at charls.pku.edu.cn to apply for the data. If you did not register before, please click “sign up” link on the upper right of main page to register by signing the agreement and provide real personal information for reviewing on our website. After confirming your email, you could apply for publicly available datasets respectively, and your application will be reviewed and approved in 3 working days.

  2. When you log in, you will be prompted that your account has not been activated. You cannot log in until then?

    A : This is because you didn’t go to your email when you registered your account and click "confirm email" to activate your email. You can click "Activate account " on the login page Go to your email again to activate your account. If you still can’t activate your registered email, please email your detailed information to charls_info@pku.edu.cn and we’ll try to recover your account.

  3. I have registered before, but could not log into new website?

    A : For users registered on the old website, we have tried to email you instructions (from charls_info@pku.edu.cn) to help you reset password, please check inbox of your registered email. If the link provided in the mail doesn’t work, you can click on “Forgot password? ” on the log in page to reset your password. If you could not access the email any more, please email your detailed information to charls_info@pku.edu.cn and we’ll try to recover your account.

  4. How can I open the CHARLS data?

    A : After you downloaded the data file, you can use WinRAR to unzip the file. The database is in STATA format, please make sure you have STATA software on the computer to open it, or a software that can convert STATA into a format you prefer.

  5. What is the difference between pilot survey in 2008 and national baseline survey in 2011?

    A : The pilot survey only covered 2 province including Zhejiang and Gansu, the main purpose of pilot survey was to validate the feasibility of conducting an aging-related survey in China. The pilot survey was very successful and resulted in very high quality data, which has been used widely by almost 3000 users worldwide. Based on the pilot survey in 2008, the national baseline survey was conducted in 2011-2012. It includes about 10,000 households and 17,500 individuals in 150 counties/districts and 450 villages/resident committees. The individuals will be followed up every two years.

  6. How can I find out more information about the data?

    A : For each round survey data released, we will release a user’s guide and questionnaire, please download and read it before you do the data analysis, also you can browse CHARLS website or download related material to know more about CHARLS.

  7. What is meaning of every variable in the database?

    A : Almost very variable has its label in the database, and you can read the label and matched the questions in the questionnaire to understand the meaning of every variable. For the pilot data, a codebook can be downloaded on CHARLS website. A codebook will be released for the national baseline as well.

  8. When will each round survey data be released?

    A : Generally, each round survey data will be released about 1 year after the field work completed.

  9. I lost my user name and password, how can I find them?

    A : If you only lost your password, you just click on “Forgot password?” on the log in page. An email will sent to you to change your password. The user name is your registered email, if you don’t remember the user name, please feel free to contact us by email charls_info@pku.edu.cn or by phone 86-400-610-1866.

  10. Can I join the CHARLS survey?

    A :Our website will post information about the open position of CHARLS and interviewers’ recruitment. CHARLS welcome you to join us.

  11. What is the contact information of CHARLS?

    A : If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by email charls_info @pku.edu.cn or by phone 86-400-610-1866 or 86-(0)10-62767425.

  12. How to get help on the data issues?

    A : Please read our release note, users’ guide and codebook carefully. Also you can search or ask at our Data Forum (https://forum.charlsdata.com).

  13. After Registered or reset your password, the website prompts you to receive the mail in a few minutes, but I have not received the mail.

    A: Confirm that your email address is correct. If the mailbox is correct but the inbox does not have mail from charls, you can find it in spam/junk/trash. You can also try sending the email again, Resending a messages is unsuccessful, try a few more times. when you receive multiple messages, the last message is valid. If the website prompts that the email failed to be sent, but you received the message, the message is invalid. Finally, still failing, please send an email to charls_info@pku.edu.cn for help.

  14. Data forum can not post or reply to post, what to do?
    A: to enter the data forum and log in to the forum account, please check the announcements, and then click development post permission application process instructions for forum updates


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