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Terms of Agreement

According to the regulation by the Chinese government, CHARLS data can only be used for academic research purposes. To ensure the compliance of this rule and to safeguard the confidential information of our respondents, we take the precaution to ask the user to register using real names. In addition, the user must agree to the following conditions:

  1. Must only use CHARLS data for academic study, any use for commercial purpose is prohibited.

  2. Must not publish original micro data in any form; all data will be used to generate statistics or analytical results that can not be linked to any individual respondent.

  3. Must not disclose, release, sell, rent, lease, loan, or otherwise grant access to the data covered to any person.

  4. Must provide real personal information to register CHARLS web site.

Please use the following text in all publications resulting from use of the CHARLS data:

We thank the China Center for Economic Research, the National School of Development of Peking University for providing the data.

To assist us in tracking usage it would be helpful to us if you would use the following citations in your papers, respectively.

Zhao, Yaohui; John Strauss; Albert Park and Yan Sun (2009). China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study, Pilot User's Guide, National School of Development, Peking University. (For data from 2008 pilot.)

Yaohui Zhao;John Strauss;Gonghuan Yang; John Giles;Peifeng (Perry) Hu; Yisong Hu;Xiaoyan Lei;Albert Park;James P. Smith; Yafeng Wang (2013). China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study, 2011-2012 National Baseline Users’ Guide, National School of Development, Peking University. (For data from 2011-2012 national baseline)

If you agree to the above conditions, please go ahead to register. We will handle your application immediately. Please provide your employer/university sponsored email account. After approving your application, we will send the username and password to your employer/university sponsored e-mail account.

Note Information you provide will be kept confidential, will only be accessible by project staff, and will never be shared, sold, rented, or given away to anyone.

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