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Research team of 2011-2012 national baseline survey

Principal Investigator

  • Zhao Yaohui,CCER at Peking University
  • John Strauss,University of Southern California
  • Yang Gonghuan,Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences、Peking Union Medical College


  • Peifeng Hu,University of California, Los Angeles
  • Eileen Crimmins,University of Southern California
  • Albert Park,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • John Giles,World Bank

Key Member

  • Wang Dewen,The World Bank Beijing Representative Office
  • Zeng Yi ,CCER at Peking University
  • Shen Yan,CCER at Peking University
  • Lei Xiaoyan,CCER at Peking University
  • Li Lixing,CCER at Peking University
  • Shi xinzheng,Tsinghua University
  • Wu Xiaoyu,Central University of Finance and Economics
  • Yin Xiangjun,Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
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